Intellect Author Fund

Who the Intellect Author Fund supports

The Intellect Author Fund was originally set up to support the publication of Open Access work by early career scholars; we  have re-positioned the Intellect Author Fund to support early career scholars, scholars from under-represented groups and scholars from developing regions. 

We define ‘developing regions’ as any region that appears in Research4Life’s Group A or Group B country lists; these countries have been selected based on data from the World Bank and World Health Organization, among other bodies.

Donating to the Intellect Author Fund

Intellect authors and editors who wish to support the scheme may opt to donate their royalties to the fund and Intellect will match those donated royalties. 

If you wish to make a donation separately, as either an individual or organization please contact Tim Mitchell (

How the Intellect Author Fund is allocated

Donations from the fund are allocated to a peer-reviewed IntellectOpen publication, such as scholarly articles, book chapters and monographs. Publishing decisions related to fund-supported publications will be based solely on scholarly merit. 

All publications benefiting from the fund include an acknowledgement on the copyright page and are listed on our website. To support the fund or for further information, please contact Tim Mitchell (


We welcome applications for funding from both early-career and established scholars in developing regions as well as those in under-represented groups and early career scholars. Please e-mail Tim Mitchell ( to apply or to make a nomination.

Funded work