HammerOn Press Submissions

HammerOn Press publishes non-fiction that centres feminist, anti-racist, trans, queer and anti-fascist perspectives. HammerOn believes that books are tools that remake the world, techniques for thinking that can transform reality.

We actively encourage submissions from authors writing and working in those fields.

We also want to hear from individuals in communities historically excluded from more traditional publishing, and to work with underrepresented authors to develop your ideas and proposal through to publication.

If you are interesting in publishing with HammerOn, please look at our current books and our publishing mission to see that your book will fit with our publishing plans.  Please email us in the first instance at hammeron@intellectbooks.com including your contact details and covering the following points:

  • What and Why
    • Proposed Title and Subtitle
    • What is the purpose of your book
    • Why is it needed; what gap does it fill
    • Why you are the right person to write it – include a short author bio or attach your CV to your email
    • What makes your book original – in no more than three short key points. If you want to expand on these points after the list, please do
  • Outline of your book
    • A brief description of your book, in no more than 150 words
    • A provisional table of contents, with chapter headings and a short description of what each chapter will cover
    • If your book is an edited collection, a list of the contributors
    • The proposed word length of the finished book, including any notes, references and bibliography
    • If you plan to include any illustrations, including line drawings or photographs
  • Readership and Market
    • Which section of a book shop would you expect to find your book in
    • Who is your book for – for example if educational, is it for school students, under-graduates, post-graduates? If for practitioners working in the field, what groups is it aimed at? If the book is aimed at a general, non-specialist, readership please describe who you see as the target reader
  • Competing and Complementing Books
    • Tell us about the books already published on your themes and topics – author, title, publisher, year of publication
    • How does your book differ from the competition?
  • Why HammerOn
    • HammerOn believes that books are tools that remake the world, techniques for thinking that can transform reality. How does your book contribute to this?

We appreciate your patience in waiting for a reply; we will be in touch as soon as we can. If you wish to have an informal discussion before submitting a proposal please get in touch at hammeron@intellectbooks.com.