Anarchitectural Experiments (Book)

When Unbuilt Designs Turn to Film

Comprehensive exploration of architectural visualization through speculative design projects. Outlines how cinema and animation augment traditional design drawing practices to expand the possibilities for theoretical architectural projects. It provides a history of speculative designs and elaborates on their modes of representation. 119 b&w illus.


The book investigates speculative filmic architectural projects and animations that go beyond representing buildings, touching upon issues concerning medium, acts of representation and criticism upon history, culture, society or urban politics, along with the mediated character of the contemporary spatial experience – interpreting it primarily through protocols of architectural imaging. Movement and perception – as modes of cinematic exploration – are closely coupled entities. The book's first section focuses on issues of representation; the second part concerns film and time-based aspects of drawn architectural projects; finally, the third and final section concentrates on an emergence – due to digital post-production of images – of a seamless and fluid concept of 'space'. This perspective converges in artistic architectural animations, seen as heirs to utopian and speculative traditions.

Dr. Maciej Stasiowski is a graduate in film and media studies from the Institute of Audiovisual Arts, in the Faculty of Management and Social Communication at the Jagiellonian University, Cracow, Poland.

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