Artist Teacher (Book)

A Philosophy for Creating and Teaching

This book presents a robust history of the artist-teacher from the classical era to the twenty-first century. Particular pedagogical portraits illustrate the artist-teacher in various contexts. This book focuses on the complex thinking processes artists utilize when teaching and offers a reconciliation of the artistic and educational enterprises.

Category: Visual Arts


The philosophy of the artist-teacher is not a new phenomenon. In fact, many artists working within the Bauhaus, nineteenth century Schools of Design, and The Basic Design Movement all applied this method of thinking to their teaching. Artist Teacher explores the many facets of this methodology, and the various ways art has been taught over the centuries, using several important artist-teachers (George Wallis, Walter Gropius, Richard Hamilton, Hans Hoffman) to illustrate the rich and deep ways artists are able to facilitate learning. Artist Teacher will serve as a foundational text for those entering the teaching profession at all levels, in addition to inspiring experienced art teachers in all disciplines.

G. James Daichendt is associate professor and exhibitions director in the Department of Art at Azusa Pacific University in Southern California.

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