Wednesday, February 12, 2020


To all our North American friends! 


Intellect is attending CAA 2020 where we will be showcasing our new, exciting Visual Arts Books. The College Art Association Annual Conference is taking place 12-15 February 2020 in Chicago. 


If you’re attending the conference, please pop down to booth 507 for savings on selected Visual Arts books or use the 30% discount code EX56594 online.


The full list of titles eligible for the above discount include: 


Art Education and Contemporary Culture

Artist Scholar


Design Integrations

Drawing - The Purpose

Drawing: The Enactive Evolution of the Practitioner

Girls! Girls! Girls! In Contemporary Art

Issues in Curating Contemporary Art & Performance

Video Games and Art

Virtuality and the Art of Exhibition

Why We Make Art (2nd ed.)

Writing on Drawing

Artist Researcher Teacher

Photography, Narrative, Time

Reimagining the City

Living & Sustaining a Creative Life

Photography and Landscape


Perform, Repeat, Record

Art Rules, The

Architecture and the virtual

Some Wear Leather

Avant-Garde Art Groups in China

Art as Research

Pleading in the Blood


Far Field

FP: Star Trek

FP: Batman

FP: Buffy the Vampire Slayer

FP: Twin Peaks

FP: Sherlock Holmes

FP: Audrey Hepburn

FP: The Big Lebowski

FP: The Rocky Horror Picture Show

FP: Jane Austen

FP: James Bond

Aestheticizing Public Space

Research in Art and Design Education

Fashion Cities Africa

Montreal Chic

Drawing in the Design Process

Islamic Architecture on the Move

Re-imagining the City

Across the art Life Divide

Kira O'reily

100 years of Futurism

Picturing the Kosmos

The Artist as Culture Producer

The Artist as Curator

Food Democracy

Performing Revolutionary


L.A Chic

Planet Cosplay

Landscape and the Science Fiction Imaginary

Anne Bean

The Making of an Artist

The Art of Defiance

What's Next?

Time, Duration and Change in Contemporary Art

Revolve:R, edition three

Quantum Art and Uncertainty

Digital Dynamics in Nordic Contemporary Art

Expertise and Architecture in the Modern Islamic World

Arts Integration in Education (PB)

Using Art as Research in Learning and Teaching

Architectural Dynamics in Pre-Revolutionary Iran 

Israel as A Modern Architectural Experimental Lab

Fan Phenomena: Harry Potter


Through the Prism of the Senses

Performance | Media | Art | Culture: Selected Essays 1980-2018

The Idea of the Avant Garde – And What It Means Today: Volume 2

Joshua Sofaer

Queer Communion


Culture Technology and the Image

Art inSight

Crossing Gender Boundaries

The Poetics and Politics of the Veil in Iran

Morality by Design

Connecting People, Place and Design

Drawing as a Way of Knowing in Art & Science

The Critical Eye



Provoking the Field

Architecture Filmmaking

Field Notes on the Visual Arts

Faith Wilding's Fearcul Symmetries

Disability Arts & Culture