Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Call for Papers: Technoetic Arts: A Journal of Speculative Research 

Call for Papers: Technoetic Arts: A Journal of Speculative Research 


ISSN 1477-965X | Online ISSN 1758-9533 

3 issues per volume | First published in 2003 



Roy Ascott, The Planetary Collegium, UK 


Full papers deadline: 15 April 2020 


Submissions and queries to be directed to Associate Editor, Luna Zhou (


Technoetics is a convergent field of practice that seeks to explore consciousness and connectivity through digital, telematic, chemical or spiritual means, embracing both interactive and psychoactive technologies, and the creative use of moistmedia’ (Roy Ascott 2008). Technoetic Arts focuses upon the juncture between art, technology and the mind. Divisions between academic areas of study, once rigidly fixed, are gradually dissolving due to developments in science and cultural practice. This fusion has had a dramatic effect upon the scope of various disciplines. In particular, the profile of art has radically evolved in our present technological culture. All articles are double-blind peer-reviewed in order to maintain the highest standards of scholastic integrity. 


Technoetic Arts presents the cutting edge of ideas, projects and practices arising from the confluence of art, science, technology and consciousness research. It has a special interest in matters of mind and the extension of the senses through technologies of cognition and perception. It documents accounts of transdisciplinary research, collaboration and innovation in the design, theory and production of new systems and structures for life in the twenty-first century, while inviting a re-evaluation of older world-views, esoteric knowledge and arcane cultural practices. Artificial life, the promise of nanotechnology, the ecology of mixed reality environments, the reach of telematic media and the effect generally of a post-biological culture on human values and identity, are issues central to the journal’s focus.


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