Context Providers (Book)

Conditions of Meaning in Media Arts


Margot Lovejoy is professor emerita of visual arts at SUNY Purchase and the author of Digital Currents: Art in the Electronic Age.

Christiane Paul is adjunct curator of new media arts at the Whitney Museum of American Art and director of Intelligent Agent, a service organization dedicated to digital art.

Victoria Vesna is a media artist and professor in the Department of Design and Media Arts at the UCLA School of the Arts. She is also director of the UCLA Art|Sci center and the UC Digital Arts Research Network.

Defining Conditions For Digital Arts: Social Function, Authorship, and Audience – Margot Lovejoy
Missing In Action: Agency and Meaning In Interactive Art – Kristine Stiles and Edward A. Shanken
Collaborative Systems: Redefining Public Art – Sharon Daniel
Play, Participation, and Art: Blurring the Edges – Mary Flanagan
Contextual Networks: Data, Identity, and Collective Production – Christiane Paul
Aesthetics of Information Visualization – Warren Sack
Identity Operated In New Mode: Context and Body/Space/Time – Marina Gržinić
Game Engines As Creative Frameworks – Robert F. Nideffer
Mapping the Collective – Sara Diamond
Shifting Media Contexts: When Scientific Labs Become Art Studios – Victoria Vesna
Biotechnical Art and the Ethico-Aesthetic Paradigm – Anna Munster
Working With Wetware – Ruth G. West
Defining Life: Artists Challenge Conventional Classifications – Ellen K. Levy
Art and Science Research: Active Contexts and Discourses – Jill Scott and Daniel Bisig
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