Craft Research 10.1 now available
Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Craft Research 10.1 now available

2019 marks the 10th anniversary of Craft Research and Intellect is pleased to announce that issue 10.1 is now available! ✂️

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Aims & Scope

The aim of Craft Research is to advocate and promote current and emerging craft research, including research into materials, processes, methods, concepts, aesthetic and style. This may be in any discipline area of the applied arts and crafts, including craft education.

The journal will portray and build the crafts as a vital and viable modern discipline that has a vision for the future. It is distinct from mainstream journals in that it is dedicated to presenting and reporting on research, in the widest sense, in order to advance the knowledge in the field. Making this knowledge, in whatever form, available to the community will help build and advance the field, and present it – in all its diversity – as a strong and essential force that cannot be overlooked. All articles are double-blind peer-reviewed in order to maintain the highest standards of scholastic integrity.

Issue 10.1


Celebrating craft
Authors: Kristina Niedderer, Katherine Townsend


The time-space of craftsmanship
Authors: Lars Eriksson, Joakim Seiler, Patrik Jarefjäll, Gunnar Almevik

Designing through craft practice: A woven textile approach for footwear
Authors: Jenny Pinski, Mark Evans, Faith Kane

Position Paper

The search for localism and abstract expressionism in Israeli ceramics in the 1970s
Authors: Orly Nezer

Craft & Industry Report