Craft Research 10.2 is now available
Thursday, November 14, 2019

Craft Research 10.2 is now available

Intellect is pleased to announce that Craft Research 10.2 is now available! 


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Aims & Scope


Craft Research is the first peer-reviewed academic journal dedicated to the development and advance of contemporary craft practice and theory through research. The aim of Craft Research is to elicit craft as a vital and viable modern discipline that offers a vision for the future and for the sustainable development of human social, economical and ecological issues. This role of craft is rooted in its flexible nature as a conduit from design at one end to art at the other. It gains its strength from its at times experimental, at times developmental nature, which enables craft to explore and challenge technology, to question and develop cultural and social practices, and to interrogate philosophical and human values.


Issue 10.2




Sustaining craft’s heritage: Place, people and practice 

Kristina Niedderer and Katherine Townsend




Meaningful practices: The contemporary relevance of traditional making for sustainable material futures 

Stuart Walker, Martyn Evans and Louise Mullagh


When heritage laws and environmental laws collide: Artisans, guilds and government support for traditional crafts in Tokyo 

Robert Pontsioen


Temper and temperament of prehistoric craft: Temper type evolution and clay body ‘workability’ 

Michelle R. Bebber and Metin I. Eren 


Position Paper


The contemporary western tattooist as a multifaceted practitioner 

Adam McDade 


The Portrait Section


Wrapped in a rainbow: Inspiration and innovation through traditional crafts 

Kärt Summatavet 


Exhibition Review


The craft-art: Form ‘SPARK: The Science and Art of Creativity’ to ‘Art Central’, Central Harbourfront, Hong Kong, 26–30 March 2019 

Nga-wun Li and Chupo Ho 


Publication Reviews


Craft Economies, Susan Luckman and Nicola Thomas (eds) (2018)

Scott Taylor


Design Roots – Culturally Significant Designs, Products and Practices, Stuart Walker, Martyn Evans, Tom Cassidy, Jeyon Jung and Amy Twigger Holroyd (eds) (2018)

Martin Woolley 


Conference Review


SFRA Conference, Copenhagen, 13 May 2019

Esben Rahbek Gjerdrum Pedersen