Cross-Cultural Design for Healthy Ageing (Book)

This book provides the reader with an understanding of the topic of 'design for healthy ageing' from a multi-faceted perspective of design and health practitioners. It provides the reader with tools and methods for approaching the complex issues associated with ageing through cross-cultural interactions and perspectives.

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This book offers a compilation of many years of research and practical pedagogical experiences around cross-cultural and multidisciplinary design for healthy aging. It is especially useful for academics and educators in the design and health areas. Design professionals in urban, architectural, interior, industrial, graphic, multimedia, fashion, interaction, service, and user-experience design will find many useful ideas. Health professionals across the range of disciplines, including medical practitioners, nurses, physiotherapists, other allied health professionals and carers practising in different settings such as aged-care facilities, government offices and others will also find it useful. The book also provides insights and ideas for innovators, businesses and everybody interested in exploring design and innovation for an ageing population, which has been identified as a growing and highly lucrative market. Finally, the book is useful to anyone who wants to understand how to provide care for ageing members of the family and friends, or for anyone who wants to better understand issues around their own ageing.


Professor Lisa Scharoun is a professor and the head of the school of design at Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane, Australia. She is a multi-award winning teacher, researcher and designer with expertise in visual communications and cross-cultural design.

Dr. Danny Hills is registered nurse and associate professor at Federation University. His academic and research work focusses on health services and workforce development, mental health and well-being, and ageing. He actively collaborates with design academics in key aspects of his work.

Dr. Carlos Montana-Hoyos is an award-winning designer and academic, currently founding associate professor in the Dubai Institute of Design and Innovation. His research focuses on cross-cultural and interdisciplinary approaches to design, including design for health, biomimicry and sustainability.


Dr. Fanke Peng is a discipline lead and assistant professor at the University of Canberra. She is the founder of the Cross-Cultural Design Lab. Her research focus is on digital fashion, design for health, creativity and dementia, and design for social impact.

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Chapter 1: Overview
Design for healthy ageing
Healthy ageing
Studies around healthy ageing and design
Introduction to the complex issues of ageing in Australia, China, Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan

Chapter 2: Approaching social design challenges through multi-disciplinary collaboration
Definition of social design
Understanding human behaviour through design
Design methods: Design thinking and co-design
Multi-disciplinary, cross-disciplinary, inter-disciplinary and trans-disciplinary definitions and practices
Inquiry Based Learning
Problem-oriented Project Learning
The benefits of collaboration between nursing and design
Strategies for working in multi-disciplinary teams
Cross-cultural Design
The importance of Cross-Cultural Design
Cultural intelligence
Our Method

Chapter 3: Clinician perspectives on pre-registration nursing student participation in inter-disciplinary, cross-cultural study tours and design workshops
Why design and nursing?
Nurses and design thinking
Cross-cultural collaboration
Impacts and outcomes

Chapter 4: Case study: cross-cultural design workshops for healthy ageing in China 2016–2017
Ageing in China
Discover Stage
Define Stage
Develop stage
Delivery Stage
Case study 1: Design for Healthy Ageing 2016 in Guangzhou and Shantou
Case study 2: Co-Design for Healthy Ageing 2017 in Guangzhou
Discussion and Reflection

Chapter 5: Design for healthy ageing in multi-cultural societies: approaching issues associated with ageing in Singapore and Australia through cross-cultural and multi-disciplinary workshops
Ageing in Singapore: An overview
Ageing in Australia: Western Heritage with an Asian Future
Using design thinking methods to solve ‘wicked problems’
Day one: Empathy
Day two and three: Site visits (research)
Day four and five: Ideation
Day six and seven: Prototyping
Day nine and ten: Community display
Case study two: Inspired by Singapore – co-design for healthy ageing 2018
Day one: Grouping and Briefing
Day two: Design Thinking Workshop
Day three and four: Site visits to care homes and community hospital
Day four and five: Ideation
Day six and seven: Prototyping and testing
Day nine and ten: Exhibition set up and display
Outcomes of 2018 workshop
Overview of project outcome
Conclusion and further opportunities

Chapter 6: Student perspectives on participation in multi-disciplinary, cross-cultural study tours and design workshops
Student perspectives and experiences
Overview of results from the student surveys

Chapter 7: Conclusions, overview and recommendations


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