Cultural Quarters (Book)

Principles and Practice

Edited by Simon Roodhouse

The much-praised Cultural Quarters returns in a revised edition, offering new case studies and new chapters on the economics of cultural quarters and the importance of historical buildings. This definitive text provides a conceptual context for cultural quarters through a detailed discussion of urban design and planning. Drawing on several case studies (from Bolton, Birmingham, Ireland and Vienna), Cultural Quarters positions the emergence of specific cultural areas within a historical and social context and explores the economics of maintaining the respective districts. The book offers a concise illustration of how cultural practice is maintained and expanded within an urban environment.


Chapter 1: The Cultural Quarter Definitional Landscape 

Chapter 2: The Economics of Cultural Quarters 

Chapter 3: Higher Education and Cultural Quarters 

Chapter 4: The Role and Function of Historic Buildings in Cultural Quarters 

Chapter 5: Examples of Cultural Quarter Practice in England

Chapter 6: Features and Benefits of Cultural Quarters, Internationally

Chapter 7: Putting the Principles into Practice: A Cultural Quarter for a Proud Northern Town

Chapter 8: Key Influencing Factors in Establishing a Bolton Cultural Quarter

Chapter 9: The Nuts and Bolts: Outputs, Resources, Procurement Routes and Management

Chapter 10: Public Sector Decision-Making? Two Crescents: One Place?

Chapter 11: Modelling Composition of The Cultural Quarter in Practice 

Chapter 12: Conclusion

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