Design and the Digital Humanities is now available!
Friday, May 13, 2022

Design and the Digital Humanities is now available!

This is an essential practical guide for academics, researchers and professionals involved in the digital humanities, and
designers working with them. It prepares readers from both fields for working together, outlining disciplinary perspectives
and lessons learned from more than twenty years of experience, with over two dozen practical exercises.

The central premise of the book is a timely one - that the twin disciplines of visual communication design and digital humanities (DH) are natural allies, with much to be gained for researchers, students and practitioners from both areas who are able to form alliances with those from the other side. The disciplines share a common fundamental belief in the extraordinary value of interdisciplinarity, which in this case means that the training, experience and inclinations from both fields naturally tend to coincide. The fields also share an interest in research that focuses on humanities questions and approaches, where the goal is to improve understanding through repeated observation and discussion. Both disciplines tend to be generative in nature, with the ultimate end in many cases of designing and creating the next generation of systems and tools, whether those be intended for dealing with information or communication.