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Intellect is committed to creating a diverse and inclusive space for the benefit of its authors, editors, staff and the wider academic community, where everyone feels safe to express their identity and opinion.

To us, diversity is about celebrating our differences, whether they are in our age, class, culture, disability, ethnicity, gender, nationality, politics, religion, sexuality or socioeconomic background. We believe that when our practices are truly diverse, the Intellect community will be the richer for it.

Inclusivity, then, is about ensuring that no one is held back because of who they are – it is what enables us to increase diversity. We are dedicated to removing barriers that make products and roles inaccessible to any or all stakeholders. We are working to ensure our products and the researchers who contribute to them are representative of the diverse, global society that we live in. We want to promote fairness, with the aim of allowing every person engaged in our publishing process a truly equal footing.  

Please be aware that this process is – and by nature always will be – ongoing. The information on this page details our efforts thus far, and we welcome any suggestions or critiques that you may have, in order that we can continue to improve our work in this area.

We welcome any feedback on user experiences. Please contact us at naomi@intellectbooks.com with any suggestions to improve our diversity and inclusion. 


Diversity pages last updated: May 2022