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Our Values

Intellect is committed to creating a diverse and inclusive space for the benefit of its authors, editors, staff and the wider academic community.

To us, diversity is about celebrating our differences, whether they are in age, class, culture, disability, ethnicity, gender, nationality, religion, sexuality or socioeconomic background. Inclusivity, meanwhile, is about ensuring that no one is held back because of who they are – and it is what enables us to increase diversity.

Please be aware that this process is – and by nature always will be – ongoing. The information on this page details our efforts thus far, and we welcome any suggestions or critiques that you may have, in order that we can continue to improve our work in this area.

We welcome any feedback on user experiences. Please contact Naomi Curston (naomi@intellectbooks.com) with any suggestions, questions or feedback.

Our Actions

Below are some of the projects Intellect’s Diversity & Inclusion Action Group are working on. The ultimate aim of these projects is to get to a point where our products and the researchers who contribute to them are representative of the diverse, global society that we live in, and where everyone engaged in the publishing process has a fair footing.

  • We published our Inclusive Language Guide in June 2021 and continue to update it when needed.
  • We created a Language Ambassadors page on the website, where you can find a list of our multilingual staff, should you be more comfortable communicating in a language other than English.
  • We regularly share free articles during significant awareness months, weeks and days to promote under-represented voices and topics.
  • Our in-house vacancies are listed on Creative Access, which aims to help people from an under-represented background in the creative industries to access the industry and progress.
  • We collaborated with C4DISC, 2021–22, during which time we contributed to the creation of their Inclusive Language Guide, a collaboration which allowed us to share our knowledge and learn from other contributors.
  • We ensured we had an official name-change policy in January 2022, allowing authors to update their name and/or pronouns in published work, for any reason.
  • We welcomed our first Strive intern in June 2022, a two-month paid internship at a living wage for Black, Asian and minority ethnic students.
  • We are committed to widening access through Research4LifeResearch4Life provides institutions in low-and middle-income countries with online access to academic and professional peer-reviewed content.
  • We deliver virtual and in-person workshops on publishing to early career scholars around the world.

Diversity pages last updated: November 2022.