Development Through Technology Transfer (Book)

Creating New Cultural and Organisational Understanding

Technology transfer is shown to be more complicated than a handover of new hardware to developing countries. This book covers the practical issues of the transfer, including product, process, cost reduction and more, and also integrates an analysis of theories of innovation to identify key stages in the process and achieve effective management. 

Category: Cultural Studies


The technological revolution presents a massive barrier to the development of countries that do not have access to the cutting-edge systems enjoyed in the developed world. Technology transfer presents a real solution. Technology transfer is shown here to be much more complicated than the mere hand-over of new technology hardware to developing countries: it is about innovation and learning. Effective management depends on generating new knowledge and being able to react quickly and to change effectively. The book covers the practical issues of technology transfer, such as cost reduction, infrastructure and employee training. These are then combined with theories of innovation to identify the key stages in the process of technology transfer, achieving a working model of how such projects can be more effectively managed. Development through Technology Transfer uses company-specific examples to enrich an exploration of the complex and dynamic issues involved. The book will provide readers with the very first comprehensive guide to the subject and a solid foundation for the management of technology transfer to developing countries.

Chapter 1 Innovation Process and Influential Factors
Chapter 2 Technology Transfer and Development
Chapter 3 Algerian Strategy for Technology Transfer
Chapter 4 Case Study 1: The National Enterprise of Electronics Industry (NEEI)
Chapter 5 Case Study 2: The National Enterprise of Farm Machinery (NEFM)
Chapter 6 The Organisational Frameworks of NEEI and NEFM
Chapter 7 The Learning Process in NEEI and NEFM
Chapter 8 Effective Acquisition of Technology through Organisational Changes
Chapter 9 Technology Transfer: a dynamic process of learning and organisational adaptation

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