Digital Experience Design (Book)

Ideas, Industries, Interaction


Although the dot-com bubble burst long ago, the interactive media industry is still flush with fresh talent, new ideas and financial success. Digital Experience Design chronicles the diverse histories and perspectives of people working in the dot-com world alongside an account of the current issues facing the industry. From the perspective of older disciplines such as education, fine art and cinema, this volume investigates how dot-com practitioners balance the science of usability with abstract factors such as the emotional response design can provoke. Contributors from a wide-range of different backgrounds offer autobiographical accounts of their careers in the digital experience design and interactive media industry. Digital Experience Design seeks to borrow from alternative fields that have richer traditions and longer histories in experience design to assist current online designers and practitioners. With in-depth discussion of a variety of disciplines and topics including screen-based design and e-learning, this edited volume is a valuable resource for industry practitioners and students and teachers of interactive media.

Linda Leung is a senior lecturer at the Institute for Interactive Media and Learning at the University of Technology, Sydney.

Chapter 1: 'Introduction' – Linda Leung

Chapter 2: 'Users as Learners: Rethinking Digital Experiences as Inherently Educational' – Linda Leung

Chapter 3: 'You Are What You Wear: The Ideal and Real Consumer/User' – Linda Leung and Sara Goldstein

Chapter 4: 'What’s the Story? Harnessing the Power of Storytelling in Film for Experience Design' – Carla Drago, Linda Leung and Mark Ward

Chapter 5: ' The Art of ‘Slow’: Taking Time in the Digital Age' – Linda Leung and Daisy Tam

Chapter 6: 'The Personal is the Political: Why Feminism is Important to Experience Design' – Linda Leung and Adrienne Tan

Chapter 7: 'Lessons from Web Accessibility and Intellectual Disability' – Helen Kennedy and Linda Leung

Chapter 8: 'Beyond the Visual: Applying Cinematic Sound Design to the Online Environment' – Linda Leung and Mark Ward

Chapter 9: 'Architectures of the Physical and Virtual: Parallel Design Principles in Built and Digital Environments' – Linda Leung and Meaghan Waters

Chapter 10: 'Art and Articulation: The Finer Points of Engaging the User in Abstract Concepts and Lateral Thinking' – Linda Leung and Scott Bryant

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