Drawing Research, Theory, Practice 4.2 is now available
Thursday, November 28, 2019

Drawing Research, Theory, Practice 4.2 is now available

Intellect is pleased to announce that Drawing Research, Theory, Practice 4.2 is now available!


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Aims & Scope


Focusing on drawing as a significant discipline in its own right, Drawing: Research, Theory, Practice is a peer-reviewed journal that facilitates ongoing international debates within the wider fields of its practice and research. A vibrant, proactive forum for contemporary ideas, the journal is a platform for interdisciplinary and cross-cultural dissemination of all forms of drawing practice and theory.


Issue 4.2




Drawing learning 

Paul Fieldsend-Danks 




Digital cosmopoiesis in architectural pedagogy: An analysis through Frascari 

Yvette Putra


Drawing as a democratic space within higher education, fine and applied arts: Categorization, process, outcome

Andrew Hall


Analogue x digital: Parallel techniques for design learning 

Linda Matthews and Samantha Donnelly 


Research Projects


Drawing – learning: Letting art teach

Oona Wagstaff


Drawing as research: Correlating skills and practices with surgical training 

Jenny Wright


Tracing the Genealogical Self: Entanglements of drawing with Tim Ingold’s Lines 

Ilgım Veryeri Alaca and Betül Gaye Dinç 


Position Papers


Drawing out: Encounter, resistance and collaboration 

Majella Clancy and Stephen Felmingham


Learning drawing: Sustaining the primacy of visualcy within a neo-liberal art school curriculum 

Howard Riley 


Project Reports


The rupture as a drawing-in of experience 

Simon Kay-Jones


Drawing thinking: Illustration as pedagogy 

Jason Hirons and Mel Brown


The grey space in the middle: Using drawing to meet the object half way 

Martin Morris and Paddy Molloy




Drawing Parallels: Knowledge Production in Axonometric, Isometric and Oblique Drawings, Ray Lucas (2019)

Oren Lieber