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Eat/Play/Tweet: An Interdisciplinary Conference on Storytelling and Identity in Popular Culture

Eat/Play/Tweet: An Interdisciplinary Conference on Storytelling and Identity in Popular Culture 


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Popular Culture Research Centre, Auckland University of Technology 

7–9 July 2020 


The Popular Culture Research Centre (Auckland University of Technology) welcomes papers for its upcoming interdisciplinary conference on the theme of ‘storytelling and identity’ in popular culture. The conference will be held in Auckland on 7–9 July 2020. 


Keynote Speakers: Justin Edwards (University of Stirling) Lorna Piatti-Farnell (Auckland University of Technology) Constantine Verevis (Monash University) 


The conference aims to bring together researchers in the field and to foster important interdisciplinary scholarly conversations in popular culture. Practices of storytelling are at the centre of the ways in which popular culture disseminates information. From film to television, from Twitter accounts to the latest fandom trend, popular culture provides us with an arena where our narratives of the everyday can transform from immaterial notions to very material and tangible objects of consumption. Popular culture is privileged in its ability to both reflect and influence our identities, and the way we live, in our twenty-first century context. 


The conference invites abstracts for presentations related to the theme of ‘storytelling and identity’ in popular culture. Topics can include, but are not limited to:


  • Fictional narratives (from film to literature, television, comics, and beyond)

  • Popular genres and media

  • Social/online media, sharing cultures and cult followings

  • Fandom and celebrity

  • Popular icons, trends and fads

  • Depicting ‘reality’ in popular media and culture

  • Biographies, autobiographies, and memoirs

  • Practices of remaking and readaptation

  • Fashion, design, and culture

  • Aesthetics and desire

  • Consumerism and (im) materiality

  • Food cultures, histories, and representations

  • All matters of taste, cuisine, and identity

  • Gender identities and politics

  • Sex and sexualities

  • Family matters (including functions and disjunctions)

  • Spirituality and religion

  • Matters of life and death

  • Gothic and horror (in all their guises, as related to storytelling and identity)

  • Memory, remembering, and mis/ remembering

  • Popular performances

  • Environmental matters

  • Education, pedagogy and popular culture

  • Popular culture and the news

  • Authenticity and accuracy

  • Heritage and historiography

  • National politics and identities

  • Global vs local narratives and identities 


Please email abstracts to the attention of the conference organisers at:


Abstracts should include your name, affiliation, e-mail address, the title of your proposed paper and a short bio (100 words max). The deadline for submissions is 17 January 2020. 


A special issue of the Australasian Journal of Popular Culture (Intellect), edited by Lorna Piatti-Farnell and Donna Lee Brien, will be affiliated with the conference. All delegates will be encouraged to submit their finished papers for inclusion into the journal.