European Media Governance (Book)

The Brussels Dimension

Edited by Georgios Terzis

European governments are ceding control of national media to international organizations. European Media Governance investigates how the print, broadcast, film and advertising industries lobby in Brussels. Offering an analysis of media-related debates that affect future Europeans, this volume is essential for media professionals and scholars.


Media Governance today is shifting media rules and regulations from national government policies to local, regional, national, multinational and international ones and away from exclusively governmental domains to others, such as market, professional and public interest/pressure groups. Many media-related civil society organisations are based in Brussels, operate at a European level and influence exactly the part of Media Governance that has escaped the national shackles of the member states. But which are those organizations and who do they represent? Which are the relevant EU regulations for the different media industries that they try to influence? How do they participate in the media related debates in the different EU institutions? What are their major position papers? What is the current state of affairs in the European Media Governance relevant to their industry and what are the future issues that they are trying to tackle early enough at a European level? Finally, how are their lobbying efforts coordinated with other political, professional and public interest groups? 

This book presents the work of ten of these European organizations from a variety of media sectors, as well as the relevant work of the European Commission, the European Parliament and the European Consumers Association.

Georgios Terzis is chair of the communications department at Vesalius College/Vrije Universiteit Brussel.

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