Film, Fashion & Consumption 9.1 is out now
Monday, June 08, 2020

Film, Fashion & Consumption 9.1 is out now

Film, Fashion & Consumption 9.1 is out now! 


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Aims & Scope


Film, Fashion & Consumption is a peer-reviewed journal designed to provide an arena for the presentation of research and practice-based writing within and between the fields of film, fashion, design, history and art history. The journal aims to unite and enlarge a community of researchers and practitioners in these fields, whilst also introducing a wider audience to new work, particularly to interdisciplinary research that looks at the intersections between film, fashion and consumption.


Issue 9.1


Editorial Foreword 

Pamela Church Gibson




Zero-gravity wardrobes: The behaviour of costume in weightless environments

Barbara Brownie


Dressing Disney’s children in the twenty-first century

Kate Harvey


From Teen Angels to Vogue: The subcultural styles of the girl gang in Mi Vida Loca

Emma Horrex


Starke dresses the stars: Jean Simmons’ 21st birthday wardrobe

Liz Tregenza


Coppola’s postfeminism: Emma Watson and The Bling Ring

Siân Hunter


The curated representation of Saga Norén: Interweaving narratives of fashion and interiors

Pamela Flanagan