Flesh Into Light (Book)

The Films of Amy Greenfield

Over her more than four-decade career, New York-based filmmaker, performer and writer Amy Greenfield has achieved widespread critical acclaim for her genre-bending films which cross the boundaries of experimental film, video art and multimedia performance – from her feature film, Antigone/Rites Of Passion, to her major new live multimedia work, Spirit in the Flesh. Exploring the dynamism of movement and the resilience of the human spirit, Greenfield creates a new visual and kinetic language of cinema.

An innovative exploration of an artist whom Cineaste called 'the most important practitioner of experimental film-dance,' Flesh Into Light covers Greenfield’s entire career and draws attention to the more than thirty films, holographic sculptures and video installations of this important American artist.


Robert A. Haller is director of collections and special projects at the Anthology Film Archives in New York City and the author of Intersecting Images: The Cinema of Ed Emshwiller and Crossroads: Avant-Garde Film in Pittsburgh in the 1970s.

Flesh Into Light: The Films of Amy Greenfield – Robert A. Haller
Chapter 1: Beginnings 
Chapter 2: Planning and Discovery 
Chapter 3: Holograms and late 1970s 
Chapter 4: 1980s and Antigone 
Chapter 5: 1990s: Performance and the Cycles of Light
Chapter 6: 2000s: The Body Songs 
Chapter 7: 8 Perspectives 
Appendix 1: Filmography of Amy Greenfield through 2009 
Appendix 2: Fragments: Mysterious Beginnings and Fragments: Mat/Glass and One O One 
Appendix 3: Raw-Edged Women and MUSEic of the Body 
Appendix 4: Six notions and a question about my work in video 
Appendix 5: The Clock Tower 
Appendix 6: Bibliography 
Appendix 7: Greenfield on Greenfield

'Amy Greenfield shows us how camera movement and human motion can be ecstatically joined together.' – Whitney Museum of American Art


'[Greenfield’s films] give us the camera as a surrogate hand as well as a surrogate eye. They provoke questions regarding relationships between physical and psychological distances; they suggest a tension between all-seeing and selective observation. Greenfield takes the commonplace and makes it seem surreal.' – Artweek


'Dazzling. We’re able to experience [her] Antigone as if we had never seen it performed in any other form before, an Antigone at once sensual and erotic, timeless and timely.' – Los Angeles Times


'Light of the Body is especially remarkable in that it manages to remain a film of the beauty of illuminated nudity—no sexual manipulation. Bravo!' – Stan Brakhage


'A surreal masterpiece. The beauty rises to a level of intoxication, thus making Wildfire direct in its reconciliation of poetry and motion.' – Williamsburg International Film Festival


'[Amy Greenfield] has continually engaged with and embraced new technologies.' – Mark Moran for PictureVille


'An innovatively structured book, rich with primary sources, which will be of interest to art aficionados, historians, and scholars.' – Dance Chronicle, Colleen Hooper

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