Flesh Into Light (Book)

The Films of Amy Greenfield

Over her more than four-decade career, New York-based filmmaker, performer and writer Amy Greenfield has achieved widespread critical acclaim for her genre-bending films which cross the boundaries of experimental film, video art and multimedia performance – from her feature film, Antigone/Rites Of Passion, to her major new live multimedia work, Spirit in the Flesh. Exploring the dynamism of movement and the resilience of the human spirit, Greenfield creates a new visual and kinetic language of cinema.

An innovative exploration of an artist whom Cineaste called 'the most important practitioner of experimental film-dance,' Flesh Into Light covers Greenfield’s entire career and draws attention to the more than thirty films, holographic sculptures and video installations of this important American artist.

Category: Visual Arts


Robert A. Haller is director of collections and special projects at the Anthology Film Archives in New York City and the author of Intersecting Images: The Cinema of Ed Emshwiller and Crossroads: Avant-Garde Film in Pittsburgh in the 1970s.

Flesh Into Light: The Films of Amy Greenfield – Robert A. Haller
Chapter 1: Beginnings 
Chapter 2: Planning and Discovery 
Chapter 3: Holograms and late 1970s 
Chapter 4: 1980s and Antigone 
Chapter 5: 1990s: Performance and the Cycles of Light
Chapter 6: 2000s: The Body Songs 
Chapter 7: 8 Perspectives 
Appendix 1: Filmography of Amy Greenfield through 2009 
Appendix 2: Fragments: Mysterious Beginnings and Fragments: Mat/Glass and One O One 
Appendix 3: Raw-Edged Women and MUSEic of the Body 
Appendix 4: Six notions and a question about my work in video 
Appendix 5: The Clock Tower 
Appendix 6: Bibliography 
Appendix 7: Greenfield on Greenfield

'Amy Greenfield shows us how camera movement and human motion can be ecstatically joined together.' – Whitney Museum of American Art


'[Greenfield’s films] give us the camera as a surrogate hand as well as a surrogate eye. They provoke questions regarding relationships between physical and psychological distances; they suggest a tension between all-seeing and selective observation. Greenfield takes the commonplace and makes it seem surreal.' – Artweek


'Dazzling. We’re able to experience [her] Antigone as if we had never seen it performed in any other form before, an Antigone at once sensual and erotic, timeless and timely.' – Los Angeles Times


'Light of the Body is especially remarkable in that it manages to remain a film of the beauty of illuminated nudity—no sexual manipulation. Bravo!' – Stan Brakhage


'A surreal masterpiece. The beauty rises to a level of intoxication, thus making Wildfire direct in its reconciliation of poetry and motion.' – Williamsburg International Film Festival


'[Amy Greenfield] has continually engaged with and embraced new technologies.' – Mark Moran for PictureVille


'An innovatively structured book, rich with primary sources, which will be of interest to art aficionados, historians, and scholars.' – Dance Chronicle, Colleen Hooper

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