Forget-Me-Not, Iran (Book)

The Story of Keith Ransom-Kehler

Facing hardship, enduring pain, losing all – such things are a bitter pill to swallow for anyone. For those devoted to the life of the spirit, cruel misfortune – even violent opposition – are familiar stages of the journey of life. Walking a spiritual path in a material world is rarely an easy expedition. But, obedience to the object of her devotion certainly provided Keith Ransom-Kehler with her greatest human challenge and spiritual victory.

Keith was an early American believer in the Bahá'í Faith, the latest of the world's global religions. She was elevated posthumously to the high rank of 'Hand of the Cause of God', and became North America's first martyr for the Faith. Her courageous, albeit largely unknown, contribution to history is the subject of Forget-Me-Not, Iran.

Series: Baha'i Books


Sarah Munro is a Bahá'í by faith and a drama and English teacher by profession. Originally from Northern Ireland, she now lives in China. 

A letter to Keith (another song, another season)
Roger White
Robert Weinberg
Sarah Munro
‘Forget-me-not, Iran’: The story of Keith Ransom-Kehler
Sarah Munro
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