From Child Art to Visual Language of Youth (Book)

New Models and Tools for Assessment of Learning and Creation in Art Education


This collective provides a critical overview of research on the assessment of visual skills in students from six to eighteen years old. In a series of studies, contributors reconsider evaluation practices used in art education and examine current ideas about children’s development of visual skills and abilities. Suggesting a variety of novel approaches, they provide crucial support to those who advocate assessment based on international standards. Such assessment, this volume shows, contributes to our knowledge about visual skills and their development, improving art education and its chances to survive the twenty-first century as a respected and relevant school discipline.

Professor Emil Gaul PhD, DLA, works in the Department of Visual Culture at Nyíregyháza College, Hungary. Dr Gaul started his career as an interior designer, designing trade exhibitions for international fairs in Europe and overseas for ten years. For the next ten years he was PR Manager for a Design Centre and organised, among other things, nationwide youth competitions ‘Let’s Design Objects’ for 9–18 year old children. He is the founding member (1987) of Teacher Education at the Hungarian Academy of Craft and Design, where he teaches didactics and special methodology. He completed a Ph.D. degree in 2002 on ‘The structure and development of design and technology capabilities for students aged 12–16 years’.

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