Hospitality & Society 9.2 is now available
Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Hospitality & Society 9.2 is now available

Hospitality & Society 9.2 is now available!

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Aims & Scope

Hospitality & Society is an international, multidisciplinary social sciences journal exploring the connections between hospitality and wider social and cultural processes and structures. This peer-reviewed journal aims to provide a unique publication ‘meeting point' for those communities of scholars who use hospitality as a lens of analysis and/or focus of investigation.

Issue 9.2


Kidnapping for fun and profit? Voluntary abduction, extreme consumption and self-making in a risk society
Majid Yar and Rodanthi Tzanelli

Conspicuous consumption and hospitality at a wine festival in China
Michael O’Regan, Jaeyeon Choe and Matthew Yap

Lebanese food, ‘Lebaneseness’ and the Lebanese diaspora in London
Ali Abdallah, Thomas Fletcher and Kevin Hannam

The ‘McAutocrat of the breakfast-table’: Highland hospitality in nineteenth-century travel writing
K. J. James

Webs of significance: Articulating latent value structures in a rural cafe organized as a worker cooperative
Lawrence Powell, Pola Wang, Linda O’Neill, Glenn Dentice and Lindsay Neill

Towards a personology of a hospitality professional
Maria Gebbels, Ioannis S. Pantelidis and Steven Goss-Turner

Research Note

Calling for user-centric VR design research in hospitality and tourism
Dai-In Danny Han and M. Claudia tom Dieck

Book Reviews
  • Dying to Eat: Cross-Cultural Perspectives on Food, Death, and the Afterlife, Candi K. Cann (ed.) (2017) Renske Visser
  • Royal Events: Rituals. Innovations, Meanings, Jennifer Laing and Warwick Frost (2018) Kaori O’Connor
  • An Anthropological Study of Hospitality: The Innkeeper and the Guest, Amitai Touval (2017) Maximiliano E. Korstanje