Monday, July 08, 2019

International Journal of Iberian Studies 32.1&2 is now available

Intellect is happy to announce that the International Journal of Iberian Studies 32.1&2 is now available!


Special Issue: ‘Iberian Studies: New Spaces of Inquiry’


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Aims & Scope


The International Journal of Iberian Studies is a peer-reviewed journal for scholars from around the world whose research focuses on contemporary Iberia (twentieth and twenty-first century). IJIS publishes work from a range of disciplinary perspectives, and it particularly welcomes articles that apply a comparative or intertwined methodology to the study of Spain and Portugal and consider other identities, cultures and nationalities (Andalusia, Asturias, Basque Country, Catalonia, Galicia, etc.) and communities (Shepardics, Romani, immigrants, etc.). It is published in collaboration with the Association of Contemporary Iberian Studies.


Issue 32.1&2




Gabrielle Carty (1959–2017)

Patricia O’Byrne and Rikki Morgan-Tamosunas




Iberian Studies: New spaces of inquiry

Ângela Fernandes, Robert Patrick Newcomb and Santiago Pérez Isasi 




On the polysemic nature of Iberian Studies: Definitions, spaces, limits 

Santiago Pérez Isasi


The plague of comedies: Praise and criticism of Spanish theatre in Oporto at the end of the seventeenth century

José Pedro Sousa


Towards an intertwined history of symbolism, modernism and the avant-garde in Portugal and Spain 

Antonio Sáez Delgado


The express of originality: Eugénio de Castro in the context of Hispanic modernity

Miguel Filipe Mochila


Multilingual Iberia in twenty-first century cinema: Iberian polyglot films and multilingual imagination 

Esther Gimeno Ugalde




Review list


  • Political Power in Spain: The Multiple Divides between MPs and Citizens, Xavier Coller, Antonio M. Jaime-Castillo and Fabiola Mota (eds) (2018) Bonnie N. Field

  • The Global Cultural Capital: Addressing the Citizen and Producing the City in Barcelona, Mari Paz Balibrea (2017) Jonathan Snyder

  • Catalan Cartoons: A Cultural and Political History, Rhiannon McGlade (2016) Jorge L. Catalá Carrasco

  • A New History of Iberian Feminisms, Silvia Bermúdez and Roberta Johnson (eds) (2018) Raquel Medina

  • Living Anarchism: José Peirats and the Spanish Anarcho-Syndicalist Movement, Chris Ealham (2015) Silvina Schammah Gesser

  • A Primeira República, 1910–1926: Como venceu e porque se perdeu, Fernando Rosas (2018) José Miguel Sardica

  • Theatre and Dictatorship in the Luso-Hispanic World, Diego Santos Sánchez (ed.) (2018) Alexander Altev