Journal of Contemporary Chinese Art 6.1 is now available
Thursday, May 30, 2019

Journal of Contemporary Chinese Art 6.1 is now available

Intellect is delighted to announce that the Journal of Contemporary Chinese Art 6.1 is now available! For more information about the issue, click here >>

Special Issue: Gender in Contemporary Chinese Art

Aims & Scope

The Journal of Contemporary Chinese Art seeks to explore the relationship between contemporary art and Chinese cultural identity in its broadest sense. This peer-reviewed journal provides a forum for critical debate into Zhongguo dangdai yishu, the ‘avant-garde', experimental and museum-based visual art produced as part of the liberalization of culture that has taken place within mainland China since 1978. It also explores works produced by artists of non-Chinese ethnicity who live and work within Chinese contexts or whose work has a strong relationship to Chinese culture, society and history.

Issue 6.1


Gender (still) matters in Chinese contemporary art
Monica Merlin 

The spectral interior: Gender and representations of household objects in the work of three Chinese artists
Mengyao Liu

Soft archives: Motherhood and daughterhood in post-socialist China
Zoe Meng Jiang

The hypercultural universe of Chen Tianzhuo
Petra Poelzl

Queer eye for Chinese women: Locating queer spaces in Shitou’s film Women Fifty Minutes Hongwei Bao

Troubling the gaze: The writers and zhiyin of ‘Women’s art’
Yvonne Low

Flipping through a magazine: The consumed and consuming ‘woman’ in contemporary Chinese art
Linda Jean Pittwood


Queering boundaries: Art, politics and activism in performance art
Whiskey Chow and Naying Ren
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