Journal of Dance & Somatic Practices 11.2 is now available
Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Journal of Dance & Somatic Practices 11.2 is now available

Intellect is delighted to announce that Journal of Dance & Somatic Practices 11.2 is now available! 


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Aims & Scope


This peer-reviewed journal focuses on the relationship between dance and somatic practices, and the influence of this body of practice on the wider performing arts. The journal will be aimed at scholars and artists, providing a space for practitioners and theorists to debate the work, to consider the impact and influence of the work on performance, and examine the interventions that somatic practices can have on other disciplines and the implications for research and teaching.


Issue 11.2



Lily Hayward-Smith, Sarah Whatley and Karen Wood 




Contemporary dance intervention in mild-tomoderate depression: A pilot study 

Hanna Pohjola, Maija K. Ratinen, Vilma Hänninen, Jussi Kauhanen and Soili M. Lehto 


Becoming animal: Children’s physical play and dance improvisation as transformative activities that generate novel meanings

Carolien Hermans


Embodied reflection – exploring creative routes to teaching reflective practice within dance training 

Phaedra Petsilas, Jennifer Leigh, Nicole Brown and Catriona Blackburn


Feeling the field: Reflections on embodiment within improvised dance ethnography

Rose Martin


Slowing and Stilling: Gardening and Releasing

Polly Hudson


All fathers are fictional 

Helen Poynor 


Book Reviews


The Embodied Teen: A Somatic Curriculum for Teaching Body–Mind Awareness, Kinaesthetic Intelligence, and Social and Emotional Skills, Susan Bauer (2018)

Eline Kieft


Choreographies: Tracing the Materials of an Ephemeral Art Form, Jacky Lansley (2017)

Erica Charalambous