Friday, June 19, 2020

Journal of Design, Business & Society 6.1 is out now

Journal of Design, Business & Society 6.1 is out now! 


Special Issue: 'Framing Design Intent'


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Aims & Scope


The Journal of Design, Business & Society is a peer-reviewed journal that publishes high-quality academic papers that examine design from various perspectives and a range of disciplines. The mission of the journal is to present design in all its multifaceted forms and from a range of platforms – whether they are social, environmental, commercial, political or educational in nature.


Issue 6.1




Framing design intent

Erez Nusem




Assessing the economic value of New Zealand design

Anna Brown, Simon Mark, Margaret Maile Petty


What happens when the design process meets community engagement?

Dylan Davis


Designing for active engagement, enabling resilience and fostering environmental change

Robert Phillips, Amina Abbas-Nazari, James Tooze, Nick Gant


Emerging design: Integrating learning, practice and research

Bijan Aryana


The tyranny of the served market: The negative relationship between market orientation and performance among design-driven organizations

Ian D. Parkman, Samuel S. Holloway


Design for society: Ageing communities as co-designers in processes of social innovation

Melanie Sarantou, Shaohua Pan