Journal of European Popular Culture 10.2 is now available
Monday, November 11, 2019

Journal of European Popular Culture 10.2 is now available

Intellect is pleased to announce that the 'Music moves Europe' special issue of the Journal of European Popular Culture is now available!


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Aims & Scope


The Journal of European Popular Culture investigates the creative cultures of Europe, present and past. Exploring European popular imagery, media, new media, film, music, art and design, architecture, drama and dance, fine art, literature and the writing arts and more. This peer-reviewed journal is also of interest to those considering the influence of European creativity and European creative artefacts worldwide.


Issue 10.2




Music moves Europe and the technologies of re-place 

Graeme Harper




We’d love to turn you on: Considering Bakhtin and the music of The Beatles, ‘A Day in the Life’ 

Lindsay Neill, Nigel Hemmington and Luca Sturny


The impact of the fostering of European industry and Victorian national feeling on African music knowledge systems: Considering possible positive implications 

Dylan Lawrence Gibson


Temporal tapestries: Transforming cityscapes in Berlin pop music videos 

Maria Stehle


Nostalgia, community and resistance: Countercultural politics in a Finnish skinzine 

Tommi Kotonen


From audio broadcasting to video streaming: The impact of digitalization on music broadcasting among the Swedish-speaking minority of Finland 

Johannes Brusila and Kim Ramstedt