Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Journal of Interdisciplinary Voice Studies 4.2 is now available

Intellect is pleased to announce that Journal of Interdisciplinary Voice Studies 4.2 is now available! 


Special Issue: ‘The Role of Voice in the Reification and De-Naturalization of Able-Bodiedness’


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Aims & Scope


The Journal of Interdisciplinary Voice Studies provides a peer-reviewed forum for scholarly and practice-based engagement with voice as a phenomenon of communication and performance, and a methodology or metaphor for analysis. Through an interdisciplinary negotiation of philosophy, practice and pedagogy, the journal draws from such disciplines as cultural studies, performance studies, inter-culturalism, linguistics, visual culture, musicology and somatics.


Issue 4.2




‘A Song for You’: The role of voice in the reification and de-naturalization of able-bodiedness

Jessica Holmes and Nina Sun Eidsheim




Extraordinary voices: Helen Keller, music and the limits of oralism

Michael Accinno


Disabling the avant-garde: Listening to Berberian and Lucier

Jennifer Iverson




Ballad of the dork-o-phone: Towards a crip vocal technoscience (Open Access)

Jonathan Sterne




Self-determination, disability aesthetics and (refusals of) voice in the US–RMI Compact of Free Association

Jessica Schwartz


Musicals and the envoicing of mental illness and madness: From Lady in the Dark to Man of La Mancha (and beyond)

Raymond Knapp and Zelda Knapp


The moaning of (un-)life: Animacy, muteness and eugenics in cinematic and televisual representation

James Deaville




Singing tone: Disability and pianistic voices

Stefan Sunandan Honisch


From Craic to Communitas: Furthering disability activism through traditional Irish song

Alexandria Carrico




Giving Voice: Mobile Communication, Disability and Inequality, Meryl Alper (2017)

Monica Chieffo