Local Childhoods in Global Times (Book)

Presents perspectives of childhood from around the world. Each chapter presents a different focus on early childhood showing the diversity and complexity across multiple countries. Issues emerge around multi-language development, nationalism and multiculturalism and cultural theories of every-day life. 30 b&w illus.

Category: Cultural Studies


This book presents different perspectives of childhood. With contributors from across the globe there are examples of local childhoods from different national contexts including America, Australia, Finland, Hong-Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Norway and Sweden. 

Each chapter presents a different focus on early childhood showing the diversity and complexity across multiple countries. Issues emerge around multi-language development, nationalism and multiculturalism. Across the chapters, concepts around cultural theories of every-day life also show the ways in which practices of and in relation to children function to produce childhood as an artefact, fiction and instrument.

It helps readers to develop an understanding of how changing perspectives on children and childhood and identity are expressed among children, families and educators in and outside educational environments. It brings together active researchers in the field of global childhoods to sustain and develop our community of research and scholarship, promoting internationalization through global childhoods as a way of cultural diversity and acceptance.

The book reflects on early childhood before and leading up to Covid-19. The editors were able to create a historical snapshot of early childhood pre-Covid from several countries. The pandemic has demanded major changes around learning, agency, voice and lived experience for children around the world. In some countries there are children in lockdown, without access to learning and who have ceased to be recognised as a child. In other countries life has continued with social distancing and masks in educational spaces.

It will be a useful resource for students and academics in early childhood education and education studies more generally, as well as practitioners and educators.

Anette Hellman is associate professor in Education and works as a senior lecturer in the Faculty of Education, Communication and Learning at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden. Her research interests include issues related to cross-national comparative studies, critical childhood studies and social justice in education.

Susanne Garvis is a professor and the current Chair of the Department of Education at Swinburne University of Technology, Melbourne, Australia. Her research interests include early childhood education and teacher education.

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Introduction – Anette Hellman and Susanne Garvis

1. Globalization and Child Education: Research in Early Childhood Education Through Five Decades – Pia Williams and Ingrid Pramling Samuelsson

2. Transitioning Into Formal Education: One on the Journey to Achieve SDG 4 – Donna Pendergast, Katherine Main and Adelle Friswell

3. Raising Children’s Sustainability Consciousness – Sally Windsor, Kalliopi Moraiti and Susanne Garvis

4. The Good Childhood in the Nordic Countries: Insider and Outsider Perspectives – Judith T. Wagner, Stig Broström and Ingrid Pramling Samuelsson

5. Children Taking Their Place in the Institutional Practice Through Their Photographic Voice – Lena O Magnusson and Annika Åkerblom

6. Children Doing and Undoing Gender during the Circle-Time: Stories From a Kindergarten in Indonesia – Vina Adriany

7. ‘I Have Always Been Speaking Finnish With My Children’: Supporting Children’s Heritage Language – Heidi Harju-Luukkainen

8. Becoming a Respectable Future Citizen: Norms on Ideal Bodies, Food and Eating Among Children in Indonesian, Japanese and Swedish Early Childhood Education and Care – Anette Hellman

9. Teaching Language Learners in the Science Classroom: A Case Study in a Norwegian Secondary School – Pål K. Bjartan and Heidi Harju-Luukkainen

10. Everyday Life, National Crises and the Practice of Global Childhoods – Sue Saltmarsh

11. Teachers’ Understanding of Children’s Needs in the Time of Coronavirus: Norms on Children Among Finnish and Swedish ECEC Teachers – Mia Heikkilä, Anette Hellman, Anna Rantala, Ann-Christin Furu and Anne Lillvist

Epilogue: Some Concluding Thoughts – Anette Hellman and Susanne Garvis
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