New Irish Storytellers (Book)

Narrative Strategies in Film

With the success of such films as the Oscar winner Once, Irish film has been getting well-deserved international attention recently. New Irish Storytellers examines storytelling techniques and narrative strategies in contemporary Irish film. Revealing defining patterns within recent Irish cinema, this book explores connections between Irish cinematic storytellers and their British and American colleagues. Díóg O’Connell traces the creative output of Irish filmmakers today back to 1993, the year the Irish Film Board was reactivated, reinvigorating film production after a hiatus of seven years. Reflecting on this key and distinctive era in Irish cinema, this book explores how film gave expression to tensions and fissures in the new Ireland.


Díóg O'Connell is a lecturer in the School of Business and Humanities at Dun Laoghaire Institute of Art Design and Technology in Ireland.

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