Monday, June 14, 2021

Paolo Sorrentino’s Cinema and Television is now available!

Part of Intellect's Trajectories of Italian Cinema and Media series.

This is an invaluable contribution to the existing literature on this prolific director, who has emerged as one of the most compelling figures in twenty-first-century European film. 

International contributors from the UK, Italy, France, The Netherlands, Australia, Israel, Canada and the United States, Italy, Israel, France, UK, Australia, Canada, offer original interpretations of Sorrentino’s work. They examine his recurrent grand themes of memory, nostalgia, ageing, love, thirst for fulfilment, search for the self, identity crisis, human estrangement, marginality, irony and power. In so doing, they offer new perspectives and unique cues for discussion, challenging established assumptions and interpretations. Important and current themes such as eco-cinema and post-secularism are addressed as well as the links between Sorrentino’s highly visual cinema and artistic practice such as painting and architecture.