Photography as Critical Practice (Book)

Notes on Otherness

By David Bate Afterword by Liz Wells Series edited by Alfredo Cramerotti

A collection that combines visual works with critical essays around the theme of everyday life to explore the concept of otherness and highlight photography as a form of critical practice. Put together in this way, the book images and text work in dialogue with one another to construct a new perspective on questions of otherness and alterity.


The ‘other’ is a topic of great interest within and across contemporary photographic practice and theory, yet it remains neglected outside the now well-established field of postcolonial studies. This volume brings together photography and written essays that relate to aspects of otherness and visual work. Presented together, the images and critical writings work in concert to construct a new social perspective on questions of otherness and alterity and to highlight photography as a form of critical practice.

In a departure from existing conceptions of otherness in postcolonial discourse, Photography as Critical Practice places emphasis on the human condition not as a liberal concept, but as something formed and framed by a broader dimension of social, sexual and cultural otherness.

Including contributions by Elina Ruka, Katrin Kivimaa, Parveen Adams and Liz Wells, the book provides a fascinating new vista on the otherness of photography.

David Bate is an artist and writer known internationally for his work on photography, visual arts history, theory, and culture. He is professor of photography at the University of Westminster in London, UK and co-editor of the international photography theory journal Photographies.


Critical Practice                                                           

PART 1: SPATIAL STORIES                                              

Perfect Harmony                                     

Discovery (1998)  

Photography as Colonial Vision              

Train up a Child

European Letters               


Baroque Space and Boredom

Politics of Friendship (1998)            

The Digital Age                                                        

Zero Culture (2000)

Interview: Elīna Ruka - Art Without Coincidences                        


Places of Memories, Places to Change, Katrin Kivimaa


The Other Side of Seeing

Syntax of a Photowork

Beauty of the Horrid  

Notes on Beauty and Landscape            

De-Realization (2005)

Space of the Other (2006)

Parveen Adams - The Broken Image

Bungled Memories    


The Uncanny Observed, Liz Wells

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