Producing Children’s Television in the On-demand Age (Book)

Children’s television is undergoing rapid change. New streaming services like Netflix and YouTube compete for attention with established players like the BBC and Disney. Drawing on extended interviews with leading screen industry figures, Potter examines reveal how creative practices, funding models and production norms in children’s television adapted to television’s distribution revolution.


Drawing on extended interviews with leading industry figures including successful children’s content producers, this book provides a detailed insider account of the transforming creative circumstances of contemporary children’s screen content. Streaming television services like Netflix and YouTube have increased in popularity while public service broadcasters like the BBC are investing heavily in children’s content in an effort to stay relevant to UK children’s culture. Despite their very considerable successes, the screen producers profiled here have had to adjust their creative practices and the screen content they produce, to television’s distribution revolution. The comprehensive case studies in this book provide valuable insights into how creative practices, production norms and funding models in children’s screen content have been altered and modified by the distribution revolution affecting all screen industries.


Anna Potter is an Associate Professor of Creative Industries, and Deputy Head of School (Research) at the University of the Sunshine Coast in Australia. She is the author of Creativity, Culture and Commerce: Producing Children’s Television with Public Value.

Producing Children’s Television in the On Demand Age 

Representing Diversity on Public Service Media: Matchbox Pictures, NBCU and ‘The Show for Girls with Balls’ 

Netflix, Nickelodeon and the National: Jonathan M Shiff Productions’ Mako Mermaids and The Bureau of Magical Things 

The Making of a Netflix Original: Cheeky Little Media and the Australian Animated Series Bottersnikes and Gumbles 

Creating Streamable, Diverse Content for Children’s BBC: Drummer TV and the My Life Strand 

From Wellywood to Amazon Prime: Rebooting Thunderbirds Are Go for the Post- Network Era 

Streaming the Local with Contestable Funding: How New Platform HEIHEI Disrupted Children’s Media Provision in New Zealand 

Emerging Trends in the Distribution, Production and Consumption of Children’s Television in the On Demand Age

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