PUBLIC Issue 65 is out now!
Tuesday, June 28, 2022

PUBLIC Issue 65 is out now!

Intellect is pleased to announce that PUBLIC 65 is out now!


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Aims and Scope


PUBLIC is a beautifully designed peer-reviewed journal founded in Toronto as an intellectual and creative forum that focuses on how theoretical and critical issues intersect with art and visual culture. Each issue's editors explore a contemporary theme by bringing together a unique assemblage of Canadian and international art projects with writing by scholars, curators, critics, and artists. This, along with book and exhibition reviews, creates an assemblage of artists projects and original writing on prescient contemporary themes in art and culture.


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Issue 65




Between Mermaid and Cosmonaut: Another Past is Possible

By Jarrett Earnest




Fervor Forever

By Nicole Brossard and Christine Davis


What I Did for Love: The Double (Half) Life of Mr. Lavern Cummings

By Matthew Leifheit




A Pietà for the 80s

By Allen Frame


Dancing Through the Archive: Researching René Highway’s Final Choreography: Prism, Mirror, Lens

By Cara Mumford




René Highway: David Earle with Jonathan Osborn

By Jonathan Osborn




Working for Willi Smith

By Alexandra Cunningham Cameron




Remembering Ching Ho Cheng

By Simon Wu




Alexander Wilson: Queer Parrhesiast

By Steven Maynard




Alexander Wilson: Heart and Mind

By John Greyson and Stephen Andrews




Afterworlding: On Curating a Dead Writer

By Mia Kirsi Stageberg


Dad Can Dance

By Jamie Ross


Vertical Integration (I visited Vince Aletti)

By Marc Mayer


Two Hungry Children: A Prodigal Return

By Cason Sharpe




Light Your Name

By Ian Lewandowski and Jack Coleman


My Comrade

By Linda Simpson and Alexis Blair Penney


Artist project


María Lugones Remains

By Josh T. Franco




Ghost in the Machine: Remembering Donald Ghostkeeper Âhasiw Maskêgon-Iskwêw

By Adrian Stimson




On the Edge of Visibility

By Simone Kearney and Léonie Guyer


Robert Flack

By Carla Garnet and Jarrett Earnest


Exhibition review


Catherine Murphy and Robert Gober

By Josephine Halvorson




A Gay Killer on the Police Force: Cruising and Queer Police Abolition

By Jonathan Petrychyn


This Book Will Break Your Heart: Between Certain Death and a Possible Future and What AIDS Teaches

By Schem Bader


Book review


Queer Memory Beyond the Archive: Reading LGBTQ Pasts on Screen Towards Queer Futures

By Axelle Demus