Queer Visibility in Post-Socialist Cultures (Book)


Nárcisz Fejes is a postdoctoral fellow and research associate at Case Western Reserve University. 

Andrea P. Balogh is a PhD Candidate at the University of Leuven, Belgium.

Post-socialist Politics of Queer In/visibility – Nárcisz Fejes and Andrea P. Balogh

PART I: Queer Negotiations of Post-socialist Identities 

Chapter 1: Sexual Rights as a Tool for Mapping Europe: Discourses of Human Rights and European Identity in Activists’ Struggles in Croatia – Nicole Butterfield

Chapter 2: Now You See It: Gay (In)Visibility and the Performance of Post-Soviet Identity – Brian James Baer

Chapter 3: Hiding in Plain Sight?: Making Homosexuality (In)Visible in Post-Yugoslav Film – Marko Dumančić

PART II: Queer Politics and Activism 

Chapter 4: Taking Off a Cloak of Invisibility: The Clash of Discourses about Sexual Difference in Slovakia – Viera Lorencová

Chapter 5: Strategies of Inclusion and Shifting Attitudes towards Visibility in the Gay, Lesbian, and Queer Discourse in the Czech Republic after 1989 – Simona Fojtová and Vĕra Sokolová

Chapter 6: The Politics of Coming Out and Hungarian Nationalism – Eszter Timár

Chapter 7: Neutralizing Visibility: Bulgarian Strategies for Justifying Inequality – Stanimir Panayotov

PART III: Configurations of Queer in Post-socialist Film and Media

Chapter 8: The Double Bind of Visibility: Mainstreaming Lesbianism in Love Sick – Zita Farkas

Chapter 9: Straight Eye for the Queer Guy: Gay Male Visibility in Post-Soviet Russian Films – Kevin Moss

Chapter 10: Global Popular Media and the Local Limits of Queering – Anikó Imre

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