Radical Intimacies (Book)

Designing Non-Extractive Relationalities

Edited by Oliver Vodeb

In-depth discussion of the concept of radical intimacies; the extra disciplinary approach connects theory and practice through communication, design and art. New writing and visual works from international contributors, all members of the Memefest network who have taken part in the Radical Intimacies festival and event workshops. 50 col. illus.


The book focuses on decolonizing dialogue through the lens of communication, design and art and will use a critical and socially engaged lens. Its approach is extradisciplinary and it connects theory and practice. It will examine dialogue in the current times, which are largely defined by neoliberal capitalism, develop a critique and show alternative potentials for dialogue in practice. Especially it will develop a framework of radical intimacies in relation to dialogue. How can we decolonize dialogue today and what are the specifics of communication, design and art in relation to it?

Oliver Vodeb is an academic at the RMIT (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology) School of Design, Melbourne, where he teaches master’s and PhD students. He is co-founder and principal curator of Memefest.

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