Re-Imagining the City (Book)

Art, Globalization and Urban Spaces


Re-Imagining the City: Art, Globalization, and Urban Spaces examines how contemporary processes of globalization are transforming cultural experience and production in urban spaces. It maps how cultural productions in art, architecture and communications media are contributing to the reimagining of place and identity through events, artefacts and attitudes. This book recasts how we understand cities – how knowledge can be formed, framed and transferred through cultural production and how that knowledge is mediated through the construction of aesthetic meaning and value.
Foreword – Manfred B. Steger
Chapter 1: Situating Art, Urban Space and Globalization – Elizabeth Grierson and Kristen Sharp
Section I: Art and Urban Place
Chapter 2: Art and Culture: The global turn – Malcolm Miles
Chapter 3: Catalysing our Cities: Architecture as the new alchemy for creative enterprise – Tom Barker
Chapter 4: The Place of the Urban: Intersections between mobile and game cultures – Larissa Hjorth
Section II: Transforming Spaces and Experiences of the City
Chapter 5: Driving the Sonic City – Kristen Sharp
Chapter 6: ‘The Vacant Hotel’: Site-specific public art and the experience of driving the semi-privatized geographies of Melbourne’s EastLink Tollway – Ashley Perry
Chapter 7: The Transient City: The city as urbaness – Maggie McCormick
Section III: Exchange and Transaction
Chapter 8: ‘The Liquid Continent’: Globalization, urbanization, contemporary Pacific art and Australia – Pamela Zeplin
Chapter 9: Abdul Abdullah: Art, marginality and identity – Leslie Morgan
Chapter 10: The Visible Hand: An urban accord for outsourced craft – Kevin Murray Section IV: Interventions in Public Space
Chapter 11: Border Memorials: When the local rejects the global – SueAnne Ware
Chapter 12: Encountering the Elephant Parade: Intersections of aesthetics, ecology and economy – Elizabeth Grierson
Chapter 13: Re-imagining Dutch Urban Life: The Blue House in Amsterdam – Zara Stanhope
Chapter 14: Cities as Limitless Spaces of Simultaneity and Paradox – Chris Hudson
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