Recording Memories from Political Violence (Book)

A Film-maker's Journey


Cahal McLaughlin is a senior lecturer at the School of Media, Film and Journalism at the University of Ulster. He is also a documentary filmmaker whose recent projects include Inside Stories: Memories of the Maze and Long Kesh Prison and We Never Give Up.

Chapter 1: Raising Heads above the Parapet: Research Questions, Context and Methodologies
Chapter 2: Telling Our Story: The Springhill Massacre 
Chapter 3: A Prisoner’s Journey: Educational Filmmaking 
Chapter 4: We Never Give Up: Reparations in South Africa 
Chapter 5: Inside Stories: Memories from The Maze and Long Kesh Prison 
Chapter 6: Inside Stories: Insider Outsider Perspectives 
Chapter 7: Prisons Memory Archive
Chapter 8: Unheard Voices

A book about memory, trust, and an invaluable historical recording. It would be a disservice ... if the memories and voices in these films didn’t attract as wide an audience as possible.

Jenny Meegan and Philip O’Sullivan, Irish Studies Review

A good example of how research and practice can walk hand in hand. ... Very well written.

Laura Santos Lopes de Aguiar, Crime, Media and Culture
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