Slow TV (Book)

An Analysis of Minute-by-Minute Television in Norway

Unique study explores the slow-TV genre developed by Norwegian public service broadcaster NRK, in which the event on television lasts as long as in real time, and has been adopted by others including BBC4 and Netflix. Discusses theoretical concepts of slowness, innovation, genre, media event, reception, local and national identity. 56 col illus.


Slow-TV has become a rather often used concept in Norway. It refers to a set of programmes produced by the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK) since 2009, starting out with a seven-hour broadcasting of the train-ride between Bergen and Oslo. The concept of slow-TV and ‘minute by minute’ broadcasting was developed, meaning that the event on television should last as long as in real time. The idea of slow-TV has been taken over by several broadcasters outside Norway, e.g. BBC4, YLE, SRF and Netflix.

This book explores different aspects of this phenomenon from the point of view of the producers and other actors involved in the production of the programme, from the perspective of the viewers as well as how the programmes developed over time. It discusses theoretical concepts of slowness, innovation, genre, media event, media tourism and reception as well as local and national identity.

Roel Puijk is Professor of Film and Television Studies at Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences, Lillehammer. 

Previous publications include:
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