Thursday, June 06, 2019

Spanish & Latin American Cinemas 16.2 is now available

Intellect is pleased to announce that Studies in Spanish & Latin American Cinemas 16.2 is now available!

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Aims & Scope

This peer-reviewed journal explores the cinemas of Spain and Spanish-speaking South, Central and North America, including the Caribbean and Brazil. Maximizing the opportunities for contact between academic disciplines such as media, film studies, Latin American, Hispanic and postcolonial studies, the journal encourages an inter-cultural and interdisciplinary focus.

Issue 16.2


Digital access, genre bending: Four Seasons in Havana (Viscarret, 2016) and the Ibero-American audio-visual space
Luisela Alvaray

Minimal gestures: Displacement, affect and urban experience in A hora da estrela/The Hour of the Star (Amaral, 1985)
Mariana Cunha

La música en el cine español, entre el falangismo y el nacionalcatolicismo: de Tierra y Cielo (1941) a Forja de Almas (1943)
Celsa Alonso

Territorios en disputa: Modernidad, figuración urbana y recepción de la reescritura fílmica de Los de la mesa 10
Jorge Sala

Compulsive memory: The endurance of 1969 in Brazil
Paulo Moreira

The perfect spectatorship: Culture and criticism in Mexico’s La dictadura perfecta/ThePerfect Dictatorship (2014) and Ingobernable/ Ungovernable (2017)
Pablo Zavala

From the face to the crotch: Intersubjectivity, affective schemas and the politics of the closeup in Los Labios/The Lips (Fund and Loza, 2010) and Plan B (Berger, 2009)
Guillermo Abel Severiche