Spatialities (Book)

The Geographies of Art and Architecture

Spatialities: The Geographies of Art and Architecture draws on a distinguished panel of artists, cultural theorists, architects, and geographers to offer a nuanced conceptual framework for understanding the ever-evolving spatial orderings that materially constitute our world. With chapters covering a wide range of topics, including the interstitial, the liminal and the relational processes of networks, accumulations, and assemblage as possibilities for spatial reflection, this volume shows space to be less a defining category and more an abstract terrain whose boundaries may be continually probed and contested.

Category: Visual Arts


Judith Rugg is a reader in critical and cultural theory at the University for the Creative Arts at Canterbury and the author of Exploring Site-Specific Art: Issues of Space and Internationalism. Craig Martin is a senior lecturer in cultural studies at the University for the Creative Arts at Farnham.

Judith Rugg
Chapter 1: Unfolding Time: Landscapes, Seascapes and the Aesthetics of Transmission 
Susan Collins
Chapter 2: Timespaces in the Debris of Globalization 
Mike Crang
Chapter 3: Materiality, Time and the City: The Multiple Temporalities of Building Stone 
Tim Edensor
Chapter 4: Shifting Topographies: Sound and The Fragmented Orchestra 
Jane Grant and John Matthias
Chapter 5: Ergin Çavu!o"lu and the Art of Betweenness 
Tim Cresswell
Chapter 6: Daniel Buren’s Theoretical Practice 
Dominic Rahtz
Chapter 7: Smuggler-Objects: The Material Culture of Alternative Mobilities 
Craig Martin
Chapter 8: The Cruel Dialectic: On the Work of Nils Norman 
T. J. Demos
Chapter 9: Layla Curtis’s Traceurs: To Trace, to Draw, to Go Fast 
Richard Grayson
Chapter 10: Oblique Angles: Nonsuch and Nonnianus: A Conversation between
Steff Klenz, Jennifer Thatcher, Jeremy Till and Jean Wainwright
Chapter 11: From the Melancholy Fragment to the Colour of Utopia: Excess and Representation in Modernist Architectural Photography 
Nigel Green
Chapter 12: The Barbican: Living in an Airport without the Fear of Departure 
Judith Rugg
Chapter 13: Defining Space — Making Space and Telling Stories: Homes Made by Amateurs 
Roni Brown
Chapter 14: Remains 
Lucy Harrison

'This reader explores qualitative geography as manifested in art and architecture. A summary of the book’s appeal is found in the editor’s introduction: ‘The book’s range of disciplinary perspectives offers different approaches through which to consider the critical aspects of space and its span incorporates contemplative and academic strategies as well as conversations and reflections on practice’. The chapter authors include an equal number of artists and art or cultural historians, several geographers, and an architect, most active in the United Kingdom.[…] The collection likely will find an appreciative audience in upper-level and graduate courses in art and architecture curricula.' – Katherine Cowan, Senior Reference Librarian, Decker Library, Maryland Institute College of Art

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