Studies in Comics 9.2 is now available
Thursday, March 21, 2019

Studies in Comics 9.2 is now available

Intellect is happy to announce that Studies in Comics 9.2 is now available! For more information about the journal, recent issue and calls for papers, click here >>

Aims & Scope

Studies in Comics aims to describe the nature of comics, to identify the medium as a distinct art form, and to address the medium's formal properties. The emerging field of comics studies is a model for interdisciplinary research and in this spirit this journal welcomes all approaches. This journal is international in scope and provides an inclusive space in which researchers from all backgrounds can present new thinking on comics to a global audience. The journal will promote the close analysis of the comics page/text using a variety of methodologies. Its specific goal, however, is to expand the relationship between comics and theory and to articulate a "theory of comics". The journal also includes reviews of new comics, criticism, and exhibitions, and a dedicated online space for cutting-edge and emergent creative work.

Issue 9.2


Christopher Murray


Meaning from movement: Blurring the temporal border between animation and comics 
Joshua Gowdy

Unfolding and crossing the augmented space: Metaleptic tools and processes within graphic narrative installations
Carolina Martins

Doujinshi and Comiket: A day of ‘hare’
Tara McInerney

Exploring the borders between American, Muslim, female and superhero identities with Kamala Khan
J.B. O’Ready

Colonial hauntings in Lynda Barry’s One Hundred Demons
Stella Oh

Goffman’s Frame Analysis, modality and comics
Paul Fisher Davies

Breaking out of panels: Formal expressions of subjectivity in Ellen Forney’s Marbles and Una’s Becoming Unbecoming
Nancy Pedri

Focalized split panels: Bridging the borders in comics form
Lauranne Poharec


An interview with Shaun Tan
Golnar Nabizadeh


Animal Comics: Multispecies Storyworlds in Graphic Narratives, David Herman (ed.) (2018) Comics, Trauma and the New Art of War, Harriet E. H. Earle (2017)


Sketchnotes from the 2018 International Graphic Novel and Comics Conference 
Paul Fisher Davies and Phillip Vaughan