Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Technoetic Arts 17.3 is now available

Intellect is pleased to announce that Technoetic Arts 17.3 is now available!


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Aims & Scope


Drawing from academic research and often unorthodox approaches, Technoetic Arts is a peer-reviewed journal that explores the juncture of art practice, technology and the human mind, opening up a forum for trans-disciplinary speculative research.


Issue 17.3




Wildly Oscillating Molecules: Technological mediation of the atomic force microscope 

Andrea Rassell


Bio-electronic aggregates on Neon-Paleolitikos strata 

André Sier


Ontophany and trans-immanence in the experience of contemporary media artworks

Gabriela Freitas


Art in the era of ecocentrism 

Suzete Venturelli, Artur Reis, Nycacia Delmondes, Prahlada Hargreaves and Tainá Martins 


Organic technique: The formation of a new type of human–technique–nature relationship as exemplified in bamboo construction 

Y. M. Solanilla Medina and D. V. Mamchenkov


Data visualization: A unique storyteller 

Xiaoxu Dong


An agential-narrative approach on art semiosis 

Sergio Rodríguez Gómez