The Music Diva Spectacle (Book)

Camp, Female Performers and Queer Audiences in the Arena Tour Show

This book looks at contemporary popular music divas, their live and recorded performances, and the perceived relationship these artists have with queer audiences. By looking into the theatrics of the diva tour show, it examines and theorizes the production and reception of camp as a queer praxis that feeds the diva-queer culture relationship.

Category: Cultural Studies


Divas and the praxis of camp in relation to queer audiences

In this original new work, Constantine Chatzipapatheodoridis pulls back the curtain on the production of camp as a queer praxis that constantly feeds the diva-queer culture relationship. By examining the iconography and theatrics of the diva tour show, the author presents a performance studies reading of camp and the culture-sharing process of production and audience reception. Detailed case studies take a close look at popular contemporary performers like Madonna, Kylie Minogue, Beyoncé, and Lady Gaga, and a final section analyses audience drag in the arena space. Chatzipapatheodoridis also investigates the relationship between camp theory as an academic subject and the figure of the diva as an expression of camp.

A rich and insightful revival of the question of camp in contemporary queer performance, The Music Diva Spectacle seeks to establish how camp is appropriated by the diva and explores how this affects—and is in turn appropriated by—the audience.

Constantine Chatzipapatheodoridis, Fulbright alumnus, holds a Ph.D. from Aristotle University of
Thessaloniki. He has published on topics about LGBTQ+ culture, pop culture and performance.



  1. Time Goes by so Slowly: Madonna’s Camp Revivals
  2. LaLaLas and WowWowWows: Approaching Kylie Minogue’s Extravaganzas
  3. We Flawless: Beyoncé’s Politics of Black Camp
  4. Highway Unicorns: Camp Aesthet(h)ics and Utopias in Lady Gaga’s Tours
  5. Dressed for the Ball: Audience Drag in the Arena Space



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