Monday, May 24, 2021

The Politics of Migration and Mobility in the Art World is now available!

An original and compelling look at visual artists' migrations and mobilities across Europe.


The Politics of Migration and Mobility in the Art World investigates patterns of migration and mobility across Europe. In this book, Emma Duester explores how visual artists take part in regular cross-border mobilities, onwards migrations and transnational communications across Europe for work and the effects of this on their feelings of home and belonging. It assesses how far there is a culture of mobility amongst visual artists from the Baltic States of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, for whom a combination of onward migration and regular cross-border mobilities is necessary for career progression. Duester explores how artists from the Baltic States get onto the global market in the face of wider barriers, including a lack of local art markets, few dealers buying art and lack of government funding.


This book is multidisciplinary and at the intersection of art, geographic mobility and creative practice. It combines visual cultures and social sciences in order to answer questions more thoroughly as well as to contextualize an analyses of artworks in a conversation with the artists themselves. Duester's discussion encompasses wider issues of immigration and boarder control, debated in government and mainstream media, challenging the notion of one-way, bilateral migration, from East to West Europe, with that of mobile, ongoing migration.