Friday, July 26, 2019

Transitions: Journal of Transient Migration 3.1 is now available

Intellect is pleased to announce that Transitions: Journal of Transient Migration 3.1 is now available!

Special Issue: ‘Transient Migrants at the Crossroads of China’s Global Future’

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Aims & Scope

Transient migration due to the global movements of people for work, study and lifestyle is part of everyday life. Transitions: Journal of Transient Migration is devoted to providing a platform that explores and investigates the complexities of transient migration. It aims to map the experiences of transient migrants as they engage and interact with communities that are linked both to their home and host nations and to analyse the effects of transient migration as a global, national and communal phenomenon. The journal’s  focus is on how transient migrants cope with transience and how transient migration affects individuals, communities and nations before, during and after the period of transience.

By placing emphasis on transience, Transitions provides an avenue for the interpretation of temporality and unsettledness, which it considers significant and affective. Societies, communities, individuals and cultures are, thus, in a constant yet fluctuating state of transition. 

Issue 3.1 


Transient migrants at the crossroads of China’s global future 
Ka-Kin Cheuk 

Special Issue Articles

Transient trade and the distribution of infrastructural knowledge: Bolivians in China 
Juliane Müller

China as a ‘new frontier’: Neo-liberal aspirations, imaginaries and (dis-) enchantments of Swiss migrant professionals in mainland China
Aldina Camenisch

Migration as adventure: Swedish corporate migrant families’ experiences of liminality in Shanghai
Brigitte Suter

Transiting (in) Shanghai: High-skilled professionals from Spain to China 
Irene Masdeu Torruella and Amelia Sáiz López 

Special Issue Reviews

Mapping the New African Diaspora in China: Race and the Cultural Politics Of Belonging, Shanshan Lan (2017)
Yu Tao

International Migrants in China’s Global City: The New Shanghailanders, James Farrer (2019) 
Xiao Ma 

General Article

Saudi female students’ motivations to study in Australia: A qualitative study 
Haifa Mohammad Binsahl, Shanton Chang and Rachelle Bosu