Friday, November 22, 2019

Transitions: Journal of Transient Migration 3.2 is now available

Intellect is pleased to announce that Transitions: Journal of Transient Migration 3.2 is now available!


Special Issue: ‘Mobilities, Immobilities, and Inequalities: “Travelling” Ideas in English Language Education’


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Aims & scope


Transient migration due to the global movements of people for work, study and lifestyle is part of everyday life. This journal thus aims to provide a platform that explores and investigates the complexities of transient migration and to map the experiences of the growing number of transient migrants as they engage and interact with communities that are linked both to their home and host nations. This journal seeks to look at the ways in which transient migrants cope with transience and how transient migration affects individuals and communities in this transitional yet significant period. The scope of the journal will include but not be limited to themes of belonging, identity, networks, nation, culture, religion, race and ethnicity, gender and memory while incorporating the roles played by various platforms to facilitate these themes such as media, politics, policy, economy and the creative industries.


Issue 3.2




Mobilities, immobilities and inequalities: Interrogating ‘travelling’ ideas in English language education and English medium instruction in world contexts 

Dat Bao, Phan Le Ha and Osman Barnawi 




English in the real world: What classroom pedagogy has not taught 

Dat Bao


The relational work of international teachers: A case study of a Sino-foreign school 

Alex Kostogriz and Gary Bonar


Reflection on education equity in Vietnam: Teachers’ and students’ voices in an English tourism programme 

Giang Nguyen Hoang Le 


Examining the (im)mobility of African American Muslim TESOL teachers in Saudi Arabia

Sulaiman Jenkins


‘It will be funny [to speak Hindi]’: Travelling Englishes and perceptions about learning migrant languages in Qatar 

Sara Hillman


An appraisal of the mother tongue for early child education in Nigeria 

Babatunji Hezekiah Adepoju 




Creativity and Innovations in ELT Materials Development: Looking Beyond the Current Design, Dat Bao (ed.) (2018), 1st ed. 

Mayyer Ling


Neoliberalism and English Language Education Policies in the Arabian Gulf, Osman Z. Barnawi (2018) 

Mirza Muhammad Zubair Baig