Virtuality and the Art of Exhibition (Book)

Curatorial Design for the Multimedial Museum


Vince Dziekan is deputy associate dean of research in the Faculty of Art & Design at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia; a FACT associate with the Foundation for Art & Creative Technology in Liverpool; and digital media curator of the Leonardo Electronic Almanac.

Expositions Section
The Art of Exhibition
Spactial Practice
Digital Mediation
Digital Mediation and the Multimedial Museum
Curatorial Design
Exhibitions Section
The Synthetic Image: Digital Technologies and the Image
Small Worlds: A Romance
The Ammonite Order, or Objectiles for an (Un)Natural History

'The book is well written and thought out and so is highly recommended ... I am using it this semester in the curating course I am teaching to advanced undergraduates'. 

Dene Grigar, Leonardo

'In Virtuality and the Art of Exhibition: Curatorial Design for the Multimedia Museum, Vince Dziekan attempts to foster an understanding of how the curatorial design process has evolved to incorporate digital technology. Dziekan surveys existing field literature and provides detailed descriptions of specific exhibitions that have implemented multimedial design. […] Dziekan draws solid ties between relevant field literature and thoughtfully connects themes throughout the book. Dziekan does not identify a specifically intended audience, but the book would be relevant for curators or other individuals involved in, or looking to learn about, the production of an exhibition involving digital technology. Academic libraries with museum studies programs or museum libraries that are new to incorporating multimedial pieces in their exhibits could benefit from this text'.

Amy De Simone, Reference Librarian, Rakow Research Library, Corning Museum of Glass
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