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Andrea Cabezas Vargas

Andrea Cabezas Vargas has a Ph.D. in arts (history, theory and artistic practices) and is an associate professor of film studies and Latin American civilization in the Department of Hispanic and Hispano-American Studies at the University of Angers. She is the author of a thesis titled ‘Contemporary Central American cinema (1970–2014). The construction of a regional cinema: socio-historical and cultural memories’ written under the guidance of Pierre Beylot and María Lourdes Cortés. Her research focuses on the direct links that cinema maintains with the history and the collective memory of a nation. She is a member of the 3L.AM research team at the University of Angers and the University of Maine, as well as a member of RedISCA (European network of research on Central America). She is also the head of a project entitled ‘Europe and Latin America: A History of Cooperation and Filmic Exchanges’ within Alliance Europa.

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